Crypto-friendly ATMs. Business opportunity

A cash recycling multifunctional device for seamless withdrawals, deposits, money transfers, payments with crypto, and traditional currencies. Unlocking new opportunities for local entrepreneurs, blockchain companies, and investors. A well-established fintech ecosystem for steady returns of business partners, and ultimate convenience for individual clients.

The future of ATM is in custom functionality and the ability to work with any currencies.

QR-code transactions
Cash and Crypto IN/OUT
Multifunctional recycler

With simplified deposit and withdrawal from/to a crypto wallet via QR-code

QR-code transactions

Security. Mass adoption. Speed.

QR-code is the cheapest and easiest way to transact. Tech giants i.e. Apple are moving away from passwords to dynamic QR-codes. QR facilitated payment accounts for 90% of all mobile payments in China in 2021. No need to re-invent a bicycle.

Cash recycling*

Circulation, withdrawal & deposits

A well established tech

Cash recycling has been around for decades and used by banks. The majority of manufacturers have recycling products.

ESG & sustainability issues

Cash recycling significantly reduces the impact on the environment as the Cash-in-Transit visits to maintain ATM are reduced.
* Recycler is a machine that accept and dispens the same cash and support cash circulation.

Crypto ATMs Market

Statistics & forecasts

In the next five years from 2022 to 2027, the valuation of the crypto ATM market will grow 10 times from $46.5 to $472.2 million.

Market size

In the US 1 Crypto ATM serves 10,300 people. In Europe 1 Crypto ATM serves 727,582 people. The EU crypto ATM market has x70 times the potential to grow from 1,026 (today) up to 71,820 Crypto ATMs.

Transaction speed

The choice of cryptocurrencies available at the majority of crypto ATMs is very limited. Transaction time is the main friction for user experience. Most of them can’t process regular fiat transactions.

Fragmented presence

There is no single network that operates Crypto ATMs across the EU. They are scattered across locations with no standardised governance. It’s a missed chance for cost optimization, remittance etc.

Cooperation scenarious

Launch. Connect. Gain.

Strategic partners

Local and Regional Entrepreneurs or businesses who are willing to work under tech & brand umbrella of ATM Direct.

Investment partners

From risk-free investments in cash liquidity of the ATM network to business investment in product and network development.

Crypto Wallets

Crypto wallets, Exchanges, Blockchain Networks, and DApps are welcome to integrate into a crypto-friendly ATM network.

Business process

How it all works, and who does what?

Centralized operations

  • Payment/Crypto gateways
  • Software development
  • Dispatching/Monitoring
  • Transaction reconciliation
  • Telecom on device
  • Settlement

In-country operations

  • Cash handling (CIT)
  • Field service
  • Site management

Specific details can be discussed with our manager by mail:

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Phone: +31 6 19 353 593
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